Tatoo FAQ's

Make sure you rest well, well hydrated, and have eaten recently. Besides that, take a shower, charge your phone or tablet to full,
and do not bring in your fifty closest friends. (1-2 are fine).

It is important to be comfortable than to be fashionable.Wear loose clothes and keep in mind that you wont be able to cover up certain places that
might show,depending on where you are getting your tattoo.

Firstly, come and talk to us. The best large pieces always begin with a cohesive plan, not just bits and pieces loosely tied together. We can do
a sleeve or back piece with existing work in place, but it will always look better when you come in with a plan and allow the same artist to help you to bring that plan fruitful for you. Along those same lines, it’s going to take multiple session .

You should not get tattooed when you are:

When you do not know what you want
When you cannot afford it
When you are sunburned
When you haven’t showered
When you have your kids with you
If you do not have an ID
Being pressurized to do it
When you have been told by us that your idea is bad

A tattoo is probably a 3/10. The best comparison would be to getting a scratch on sunburn or having someone draw a tattoo on you with a ball-point pen on sunburn. It doesn’t feel good, but it is more of an intermittent irritation than a constant pain. Remember, a tattoo has more in common with an abrasion than it does with a hypodermic needle shot from the doctor.

The majority of your new tattoo healing process will be done within the first two weeks. However, the skin is still working to heal
and rejuvenate and you need to plan for around 4-6 weeks for your skin to get back to its previous state.

As the skin rejuvenates itself, usually about a week after the tattoo was done, the itch starts in.This is 100% normal.Good quality moisturizers
will help immensely with this but DO NOT SCRATCH!!.If lotion is not helping, put it under cold water for a few moments and you should be itch free.

After your tattoo is done, remove the clean rap from the tattooed part and after half an hour wash your tattoo with antiseptic soap(Detol Soap) and let it dry. Clean your tattoo for the first three days because it is important to keep your tattoo clean as there are chances of getting bacterial infection which happens due to dirty clothes and dust. Keep your tattoo moist with body lotion. We recommend you Johnsons Baby Lotion. Do not over saturate your tattoo and you can apply 3 to 4 times a day for about 15 days. Keep your tattoo away from direct sunlight, sea water and swimming pool, till the tattoo gets healed. You should not lift heavy weights specially on the tattooed part because it will affect your tattoo. Do not scratch your tattoo or do not peel off the dead skin from the tattooed part. Let the skin come out naturally. After the tattoo is healed, apply moisturizer cream and sun-screen cream so that it looks darker.